Case Studies

"Closer to Free" - US Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy’s Office of Transportation Technologies needed a conference kick-off video to engage and motivate attendees about the positive impact of their energy research efforts. The goal of the video was to create a feeling of pride among attendees. This was no small task given that the attendees were more motivated by their desire to learn and hear what others in the industry are doing than in recognizing how much they have achieved. The fact remains that because of their efforts to improve automotive technology through energy efficient vehicles, the quality of life for everyone is improving today- and for generations to come.

To achieve the video’s objective, Reel Impact chose “Closer to Free” by the BoDeans as the music bed because of its upbeat, patriotic feel and very appropriate lyrics. Producing the video brought a number of challenges including logistics, casting and product availability. Find out how Reel Impact overcame these challenges to deliver a program that received rave reviews from clients and won numerous industry awards.