Less Is More – Why a Presenter Remote Should Be Simple

Reel Impact - Friday, May 10, 2013

Take a look at the remotes you use to control your home entertainment system.  If you haven’t replaced them with a keyboard and mouse by now, you’re probably looking at three or four little boxes, one for the television, one for the DVD or Blu-ray player (or one for each), maybe another for your sound system, a couple of extra ones lying around that you aren’t even sure control anything that you currently own.  How many buttons are on each?  Now multiply that by the number of remotes you have.  Rather staggering, all the choices you have at any given time just to watch television. It’s out-of-control remote controls!

            Now imagine that someone has asked you to give a presentation.  You’re already nervous – palms sweaty, thinking of your message, a lump caught in your throat – and the audiovisual tech hands you a remote.

            “It’s so you can advance your PowerPoint slides,” she explains.

            You look down at the remote warily.   Up and down arrows.  A couple of strange symbols in boxes.  A button that says “Fn”, whatever that means.  There’s even a handy LCD screen telling you that you’ve already wasted the first ten seconds of your presentation time staring at the remote.

            The truth is that you’re just looking for the buttons to advance to your next slide or go back to the previous one.  And maybe a laser pointer for emphasis.  Unlike your television remote where you can waste hours playing with all of the features before finally learning that the only buttons you will use are “Play”, “Eject”, “On/off”, “Volume”, and those forward and back arrows, the little remote in your hand is standing between you and the perfect presentation.      

            A presenter remote doesn’t need to be complicated.  It doesn’t need a built-in memory or a timer or the ability to levitate objects across the room.

            For all of the conferences, award shows, and meetings we run here at Reel Impact Event Services, we use wireless presenter remotes with three buttons – forward, back, and laser pointer.  Simple, even elegant.